2nd Workshop

The 2nd Annual Workshop of the CEBAMA project was held in Espoo (Finland), 16-18 May, 2017 Flyer. The workshop was hosted by VTT. There were 66 attendees at the workshop, representing beneficiaries, the End-User-Group and project external organizations.

The workshop was organized during four days and includes the following sessions/events Agenda:

  • oral presentations on WP level where beneficiaries describe the progress achieved in each workpackage,
  • specific talks on Finland profile and Safety Case,
  • individual WP sessions focused on enhance the interaction between beneficiaries,
  • scientific-technical poster session
  • stakeholder panel,
  • PhD session
  • optional visits to VTT Lab and Olkiluoto

An electronic copy of the proceedings of the 2nd Annual Workshop of CEBAMA will be available in the following months. The Proceedings will contain an update of the improvements achieved during the last project year as well as a summary of the main outcomes from the Workshop.

More information on the 2nd Annual Workshop is available in the Newsletter, Issue 3 (June 2017).

Group Photo taken at the GTK building (Espoo) where the 2nd Annual Wokrhsop took place.

Group photo taken at the Posiva site visit, in front of the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plants area.

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